Sunday, 7 May 2017

Multivariate Statistics Cheat Sheet

All learners should be familiar with the achievement objectives from the New Zealand curriculum. Empowered learners can interpret and show evidence of their understanding of the achievement objectives. At the start of our new standard on Multivariate Statistics, we discussed the achievement criteria in the table below.

Statistics (multivariate) - Internal  4 credits - Literacy/Numeracy
Problem - I wonder………(compare 2 populations) - 2 questions needed
Plan - randomly select data from the table provided (about 30 for each population)
Data - table
Analysis - 5 data summary and description of graphs (Dotplot and Boxplot)
Conclusion - Answer the question, Reflect on the outcome if another population was used.

Discussion - shape/skew, median, shift, overlap, spread, interesting features
Discuss any 3 for each population
Discuss and compare any 2 (in context) with evidence
Detailed discussion AND comparison of any 3 (in context) with evidence
Literacy Strategy:

Mnemonic - PPDAC Cycle
Word Definition
Give one Get one
Teaching Strategy
Acrostic Poem
Shapely Men Shift Over Seas for Interesting features
Shapely - shape/skew
Men - median
Shift - difference between medians
Over - overlap of boxes
Seas  - spread
for Interesting features - interesting features

Learners then found definitions or images of words which were unfamiliar to them. For example
5 data summary

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